Complete Price List

In addition to our stock products which are available for immediate purchase on our site, we also offer a wide range of custom designs. Please review our complete list of products and prices below.

If the product you are looking for is not listed in our online store, please email us at or call (404) 219-2597 to place your order. You can also reach us via our contact form


EPS Foam Balls or Spheres

We offer EPS foam balls or spheres as well as Styrofoam balls or spheres ranging from 4" (inch) in diameter to over 6' (feet). We have no minimum order requirements on most items. EPS foam balls or spheres and Styrofoam balls or spheres are frequently used for crafts, solar system models, advertising props, floral and event applications, and for architectural and building uses among others, you are only limited by your imagination.

Styrofoam and EPS foam balls or spheres are sold whole, but can be cut into halves or modified with holes or cuts per your requirements.

Styrofoam: White, Crunchy, Coarse/Rough Finish, Open-Cell Foam
1lb Density EPS Foam: White, Closed-Cell Foam (same material as foam coolers)
2lb Density EPS Foam: White, Molded, Closed-Cell Foam, Smooth Finish, Harder/More Dense than 1lb foam

Prices Listed Below Do Not Include Online Shipping & Handling Fees. While we do offer the convenience of online ordering, online service fees increase the final price. Calling us at (404) 219-2597 to place your order avoids these additional service fees.

  • Please call (404) 219-2597 for a quote on balls/spheres larger than 72" diameter.
  • At an additional charge, modifications can also be furnished such as holes, grooves, hardware, etc., per your request.
  • Simple flat cuts up to 24" in diameter, add $15.00; simple flat cuts over 24" in diameter, add $25.00.
  • Custom holes, add $20.00.