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In Creating an Arch Trim, any style of molding may be used. To ensure proper fit, please indicate the measurements for A, B, C, and I.D.


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Balls & Spheres

Styrofoam (TM)  and EPS foam balls and spheres are one of our specialties. We can supply you with foam balls from 1.5" in diameter up to over 6' and larger. Foam Balls are available in Styrofoam (TM) , and 1 lb and 2 lb density foam.

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Balusters/Balustrade Systems

Our balustrade systems are designed with three pieces, the baluster, hand rail and base rail. Once assembled and finished, these balustrade systems are as structural as wood or limestone. . 

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Brackets & Corbels

Corbels/Brackets can enhance most any exterior. We are capable of producing most any style you prefer. All we need is a copy of the plans showing the style and furnish the a, b, and c measurements for an exact fit. By using EPS foam, we are able to allow you to choose any style and any size with no extra tooling or cost to you.


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Columns, Capitals & Bases

We offer columns to fit most any style. These can be straight, round, fluted and square as well as tapered round, fluted and square. Capital and base styles include: Roman Doric, Greek Doric, Tuscan, Angular Greek Ionic, Greek Ionic, Roman Ionic, Temple of the Winds and Corinthian.


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Finials & Spires


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Our Mail Boxes may be manufactured to set in place as a whole unit or the tops of each unit may be supplied to be placed atop your own pedestal. Just supply the A and B measurements as indicated to job specifications. Also indicate Mail Box size and if needed with paper tube.


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The following images show a few of the possible designs. Each of the designs can be modified to fit any application. When ordering, indicate the desired measurements for the backside (a) of your piece and/or topside (b) for an exact fit.



Engraved ornaments are excellent for interior and exterior applications. These are cut from 2lb. EPS 2" thick. We can provide these designs in any size to accommodate any job. Repetitive patterns can be used for decorative banding. Due to the intricacy of these designs, they are hard coated ready to paint or finish with EIFS. Numerous designs possible in unlimited applications. Please call to review numerous other designs.



Our Foam Pedestals are a sturdy and attractive base which can be used stand alone or in combination with balls, acorns, pineapples, Urn's or whatever you can imagine. Pedestals vary in height to complement the size of the ball or other object. The pedestal bases may be cut round or square. You choose the style and the size. Pedestals can be made separately from the top object or as one piece.

Parapet Caps

Parapet Caps are ideal for retrofit projects as well as new projects. Below are a few of the designs available. Parapet Caps have unlimited design options. We can use your own design or you may chose from any of our molding designs which can be altered to fit your needs. This can be done without retooling or added expense.




Post & Wall Caps

Caps are a great way to enhance any wall or post. Here are a few of the designs available. Each can be cut to fit any of your projects. The tops can be recessed to accommodate light fixtures. EIFS finishes can be factory applied ready to cement in place.



Our scrolls are hand carved from old world designs and coated with our "Hardshell" coating and primed for your paint. You may select either the width or the height and we will scale the piece to fit your space. Any size over 18" in length is possible. Other designs are available. Click below to see more examples of scrolls we have done in the past:



We have many designs and sizes to fit most any project or we can custom design urns from your specifications.